Friday, December 30, 2005


Bring the Tard.
10-8 Foundation is proud to host the latest music/noise by PR3TARD, a ???? based noise.glitch.dub artist. Enjoy the tunes.

PR3TARD - 'Hollow Outside' A/V nonsense

"didjooevverrhearrrrmumuuzzik" hi lo ogg
"phonedubmorningjeffrey" hi lo ogg
"Record Return" hi lo ogg
"Healing with Ethiopians" hi lo ogg
"One Foot in Place" Long version Dub Remix PR3TARD vs. Evan Morris hi

PR3TARD Live at SmartshoP
PR3TARD and 10-8 Foundation present the songs from the 4-21-2005 live PR3TARD performance at Holly Fisher's SmartshoP opening for the Improvised Cinema of Potter Belmar Labs.
Here are the links for the songs. They are listed in the order as played in the performance. Each includes a link to a 64kbs MP3, a 256 kbs mp3 and ogg vorbis format. There is also a streaming link for the entire show with 68kbs and vbr options.
Have fun.

PR3TARD - Live at SmartshoP - Stream
lo vbr
1. Big Hug - lo hi ogg
2. fair thee through vee
- lo hi ogg
3. muff feed - lo hi ogg
4. muff saw - lo hi ogg
5. axxaxxin vocode - lo hi ogg
6. brown - lo hi ogg
7. exposed my body - lo hi ogg
8. why is my computer doing this to me? - lo hi ogg
9. something very unusual - lo hi ogg
10. microkorg interlude, sorry - lo hi ogg
11. schmeeching measle - lo hi ogg
12. format dig this sonar meets atari - lo hi ogg
13. bye bye tuggy - lo hi ogg

PR3TARD - Hollow Outside music video is now available here.

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