Monday, November 05, 2007

Audio Visual Production Samples

Over the past 20 years I have worked in almost every aspect of video and film production. Here are some samples of that work. You can also find posted videos at you tube.

Here is a montage featuring a collection of projects I have worked on. In addition there is a sneak peek at some new projects I am developing!.

Children's educational videos. This one is called 'Counting 1-10'. I am currently producing a series of short subject educational videos like this for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Television Commercials. These were produced by AyCom Inc. with Edward Gilleland. I was involved in all aspects of production.

Corporate Marketing. I directed an informational video for Library services when I worked at Pharmacia in 2002. The concept is based on conflict, a solution and resolution.

Dessert Vixen. Director, Editor, Camera, Audio and Original Theme Music for this delicious internet baking program featured on Dessert Vixen dot com.

'Spirited', 2006 1st AD and cast member "Michael". This short subject picture was produced by Magi 23. Filmed on location in and around San Francisco.

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